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Frida och Sakarias

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Bright lights late nights - The Speakeasies' Swing Band

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Friday swing dance and registration

DJ swing dance with DJ’s and possibly live band. Dance, get acquainted and register so you won’t have to get up so early on Saturday morning.
Registration: Opens at 19.00
Dance: Time:19.30 - 01.00
Price:: Due to the size of the venue the Friday evening dance will only be available to camp participants.
Venue: Hotell Park Inn, Storgatan 26
Live band: Thou Shalt Swing, the band will start to play at 20:30. http://thoushaltswing.com

Terese Lien Evenstad – violin Joakim Sandgren – gitarr Albin Vesterberg – gitarr Daniel Forsberg – bas

Registration Saturday morning

If you did not register on Friday evening you can register Saturday morning between 9.15 and 10.00.
Venue: Grand, Trädgårdsgatan 5

Classes Saturday and Sunday

Classes will begin between 10 on Saturday and at 10:30 Sunday and end around 17:00.
Venue: Grand and Vaksalaskolans matsal

Swing Dance, Saturday

The evening starts at 20.00 in the Café and the band will start to play at 21:00 at Grand. Upstairs in the café you can dance a little slower, socialize and/or enjoy something to drink or bit to eat. (Alcohol-free due to regulations of the venue).
Price: 200 SEK. (the price applies for non SBW participants)
Venue: Grand
Live band: Hasse Ling and his syncopators of swing.

Sunday Swing Dance

There will be an early evening DJ dance after classes around 17:30 on Sunday ending around 20:30. Get in a few last dances and say goodbye to new and old friends.
Price: 60 SEK. (the price applies for non SBW participants)
Venue: Grand
Live band: The Rythm Babymakers, the band will start to play at 17:00.


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