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Frida och Sakarias

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Bright lights late nights - The Speakeasies' Swing Band

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Teachers 2012

David Rehm (USA) and Kate Hedin (USA)

David resides in the Washington, DC area. He regularly teaches and judges at many events throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. He has won numerous competitions including American Classic Balboa Championship and Euro Bal Cup. David is known for his clear explanations of his techniques and has been called one of the great “technicians of the dance”. He is also the creator of The Experiment, "the world's most intimate and intensive Balboa workshop", as well as the founder of the Northeast Balboa Corridor (NEBC) project.


Kate, following in the path of her great ancestor, Swedish explorer Sven Hedin, has traveled to greatest unknown regions of following and footwork. She instructed and performed extensively for Cleveland's Get Hep Swing, Atlanta’s Big George, and Washington DC’s The Jam Cellar. Aside from a love of both social and performance Lindy Hop, she has become most known for her unique and elegant style of Balboa. The result is a resume full of impressive dance performances.
Kate holds 1st place titles in many competitions and Jack and Jills, including The American Classic Balboa Championship (2009), The International Lindy Hop Championships (Balboa, 2008 & 2009), and she has won or placed in many Lindy Hop competitions and Invitational Jack and Jills. As a teacher, Kate is known for not leaving student followers disappointed.
She is proud to have held, along with her friends at Get Hep Swing in Cleveland, the Guiness World Record for longest dance party ever (52 hours, 3 minutes). Her judging is sought by many, her lines desired as far as the Orient. She also climbs trees.

Tim Kask (Switzerland) and Ulla Wingenfelder (Switzerland)



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