About Us

Swingkatten is a non-profit dance association that is passionate about dances that originate from the swing era. Our dances are lindy hop, boogie woogie, balboa, step, authentic jazz and blues.

Swingkatten was formed on December 12, 2001 and today we are  419 members of the association.  

All our events are sober and we strive for a safe environment for all members regardless of gender, sexuality and ethnicity. Feel free to read our code of conduct!

How It Began

On the fourth of May 2001, ‘Mean Måns and his rat pack’ arranged Swing (kl) ös in Uppsala at Vita huset. At the event one could enjoy Jazz music and, like all speakeasies, there was the opportunity to refresh oneself with something to drink, among other things, you could order a ‘Bluestolva’ or a ‘Swingpjatt’ at the bar. The dance night was the kick-off for the association which was then formed under the name Swingkatten on December 12 2001.

Since then, the association has grown significantly and now includes additional dance styles and many opportunities to social dance, take courses and practise. The association organizes a number of Swing evenings a year when swing is danced to live music. Excursions with Lennakatten, performances at the culture night (Kulturnatten) and Parkdans at the dance pavilion in Stadsträdgården in summertime are other examples of activities that the association organizes. Read more about our activities here.

More on What We Do

At the beginning of each semester, an Open House day is organized – everyone who is curious about the association and the dances is welcome and can try all the dances that the association offers.

Swingkatten also has show groups that can be hired as entertainment at festive events. Read more about our show groups.

Swingkatten’s operations are primarily located in Uppsala, but the association also has activities/operations in Knivsta.