Park dance 2024

Welcome to Swingkatten’s park dance 2024!
We arrange social dancing to swing music at the dance pavilion almost every Tuesday during the summer months between 19:30 and 22:00.
Some weeks we run a workshop or taster session before the social dance, so keep an eye out for updates on the event on Swingkatten’s Facebook page. There will also be three nights of live music on June 11, August 20 and August 27!
We do not have an entrance fee, but you who participate regularly are welcome to become a member of the association; you can find a link in the footer of this page.
At the live performances, we also ask for a voluntary entry of SEK 50 (paid with Swish via QR code, own responsibility).
Dates booked and activities planned so far:
  • Tuesday 4 June: workshop Big Apple part 2 with Simon Ternsjö
  • Tuesday, June 11: live music with Uptown Swingin’
  • Tuesday 18 June: Lindy Hop taster (everyone leads and everyone follows) with Johan Mattias and Ricarda Clasen
  • Tuesday 2 July: Lindy Hop taster with Siri Stålholm and Gustav Lindström
  • Tuesday 16 July
  • Tuesday 30 July
  • Tuesday, August 6
  • Tuesday 20 August: live music with Swing n Shout
  • Tuesday 27 August: workshop solo charleston with Charlie Decavita and live music with La Belle Parade

The dance pavilion has a roof and we will not cancel due to bad weather.

Practical info:

  • Bring your own water bottle!
  • Water faucet and public toilets are located approx. 100 m north of the dance pavilion, between Gula Villan and the playground
  • The cafe next to the dance pavilion is open until 9 pm
  • Keep an eye on your bag and avoid bringing valuables if possible, as there are no lockers