Swingkatten Offers Classes Again This Fall

We are happy to tell you that the board and the course council in Swingkatten have decided that we will start offering courses again during the autumn term!

We do the courses in a slightly different way than usual to avoid the spread of infection. You can only register as a couple, and you only dance with the person you have signed up with, i.e. no rotation during class. And we limit the number of participants to 15 couples or less, depending on the venue.

In addition, participants should of course not show up if they have any disease symptoms, and good hand hygiene should be maintained. We will also make sure that there is no congestion when classes come and go.

Our Lindy, jazz, balboa, step, boogie woogie and blues teachers are now planning for starting up courses in September and the beginning of October, all details have not yet been decided. So keep an eye on swingkatten.se for future updates!

All social dancing, on the other hand, is still suspended for the time being, the reason being that it is more difficult to keep your distance during social dancing even if you dance with the same partner.

Kind regards from the board!