Culture Night 2020

Swingkatten at the Culture Night!

Welcome to Swingkatten at the Culture Night 2020! Even if we cannot dance to live-music outside at Dragarbrunns Torg with you this year, we anyway would like to invite you to dances from the swing era. With us you will find a mixed programme with performances, tasters and social dance shows! Below you will find the schedule for the live programme and performances of our show groups MessAround and U-Town Lindy Hoppers.

Programme September 12

17:15-17:45 Lindy Hop taster

17:45-18:00 Social dance show Lindy Hop

18:00-18:15 Social dance show Boogie Woogie

18:15-18:45 Solo Blues taster

18:45-19:00 Social dance show Blues

19:00-19:15 Social dance show Balboa

19:15-19:45 Solo Jazz taster

19:45-20:00 Social dance show Solo Jazz


Tranky Doo

Performed by U-Town Lindy Hoppers

A well known jazz routine from the film Spirit Moves. Usually it is danced at social dances. The routine is assumed to be choreographed by Frankie Manning (1914-2009) or Pepsi Bethel (1918-2002).

“Bugle Call Rag” Show

Performed by U-Town Lindy Hoppers

U-Town Lindy Hopper’s show number is a mixture of Big Apple, First stops, Californa routine and self-choreographed spotlights (solo numbers) under the direction of Walter Andersson. The choreography is danced to the song “Bugle Call Rag” performed by Benny Goodman.

Al & Leon's Shim Sham

Performed by U-Town Lindy Hoppers

Shim Sham is a tap routine choreographed by Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant in the early 30s. Al Minns and Leon James, two famous dancers from the dance group “Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers”, choreographed their own version. In this video, their variation is performed to the song Hot Lips Page & His Band – Jumpin’ (1938)

I Found a New Baby

Performed by MessAround

A fast Lindy Hop routine choreographed by Mattias Lundmark. The choreography is danced to Benny Goodman’s version of “I found a new baby”.

Uppsala Stomp

Performed by MessAround

A routine inspired by the 1920s Charleston. Despite the name, the routine is danced to the song “Stockholm Stomp” by Fletcher Henderson.

The Norma Routine

Performed by MessAround

Norma Miller, known as “the queen of swing”, was a Lindy Hop dancer, choreographer and actress. This jazz routine is choreographed by Norma and was taught by her at the Herräng Dance Camp.