Swingkatten regularly gives courses in lindy hop, balboa, blues, boogie woogie, authentic jazz and step. Normally semester length classes but also occasional shorter courses and workshops, so keep an eye on the website and our social media!

Common Routines

Do you want to learn some of the most common dance routines? Here are links to the songs with instructions on a timeline!

How the Registration Works

Registration of Interest

Registration of interest means that you automatically receive information when the course registration opens. However, you have not committed to anything and have no place reserved.

Open Registration

At the beginning of the registration period, we have open registration. Everyone who registers during the period for open registration has the same opportunity to get a place on the course, regardless of whether registration takes place on the first or last day. If the courses should become overcrowded already during this period or if there is a large imbalance between followers and leaders, a draw is applied. Confirmation if you have been given a place on the course or not will only come when open registration has closed.

Direct Registration

After the period of open registration, registration takes place in turn, based on when you signed up. All new registrations are placed directly in the queue.

Late Registration

A few days before the start of the course or after the start of the course, late registration will begin. You can register during this time, but administration of the registration takes place if there is enough time to perform the task. Admission is subject to availability.


You who have registered will receive confirmation of the registration and if you have received a spot on the course via email. If you have been placed in a queue, you may be accepted in close proximity to the start of the course.

Registration as a Single or in Pairs

If you register in pairs, it means that either you both or neither of you will join the course. As long as a course does not get full, everyone who registers as a couple has a guaranteed place. However, couples have no advantages in any other way.

Cancellation of Registration

You can cancel your registration at or by sending an email to

You can cancel your registration from a course within 14 days from when you signed up without becoming liable for payment (provided that your cancellation is made before the course starts). If you cancel your registration before or up to 24 hours after you have been accepted, you are not liable for payment either. Otherwise, you are obliged to pay the course fee.

Reimbursement of Course Fee in the Event of Illness

Upon presentation of a medical certificate or otherwise proven illness that has arisen after registration and which prevents participation, we pay back the entire course fee with exception for an administrative cost of SEK 200. The same applies in the event of death or serious illness / accident within the family. Should this become relevant, information about this will be appreciated as soon as possible.

Help Dancers

There is an opportunity to participate in a course as an assistant dancer – a help dancer – at a level below the level you have already completed. For example, if you have taken an intermediate course (medelkurs) as a leader in the autumn term 2019, you can after that term be an assistant dancer on a beginner continuation course (fortsättningskurs) in the role you have taken the course as before. This applies if it helps to balance an imbalance between followers / leaders on a course.